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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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your tank? eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> a line of storms are moving toward maryland. and they could be strong. right now, with severe thunderstorm watches in effect until 8:00 tonight. outside, it's warm, sunny and sticky. meteorologist tim williams is in the first warning weather center, tracking it all. >> hello, kai, good afternoon, everyone. definitely, the atmosphere is set for these storms to move into the region. what we've just seen lifted as of 4:00 was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for allegheny county. that was until 4:00. the energy that you see there, very strong storm that rolled
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through there. moved right on in across the western edge of allegheny county, and just right over on the line of garrett county. moved right on through. and we're looking at that now, moving up into pennsylvania. and that has now since left us without anything really to watch in the area for right now. but we do have a very strong line of storms that is still poise to move across the region. as a result, our watches and wash -- warnings remain in effect until 8:00. the entire wjz viewing area, until 8:00 p.m., as kai mentioned, is under a severe thunderstorm watch. we will continue to monitor these conditions throughout the afternoon. but for now, mary, back to you. it has been a grueling four years for a group of midshipmen andwomen in annapolis. today issue they celebrate their graduation from the military academy. wjz was there. jessica kartalija was among the 1,0 very 6 students graduating today. >> reporter: it's the day they have been waiting for. >> just so much anticipation
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right now. excitement to finally graduate. >> auto been a good four years. and it's nice to move on to the next big thing. >> reporter: the blue angels on standdown. >> the world famous puking dog. [ applause ] >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates, preparing to retire, is the commented speaker. >> by your service, you will have a chance to leave your mark on history. >> reporter: dates talked about being leaders in american society. >> in everything you do, you must always make sure you live up to the highest personal and professional standards of duty, service, and honor. the values of the navy, the values of the american armed forces, the values of the best traditions of our country. >> reporter: 1,006 students will graduate today from the academy, becoming commissioned officers in the marines and the navy. >> reporter: jennifer e. got. >> brandon t. dole.
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>> reporter: the class gave a standing ovation to honorary graduate kristen dickman, who died of a heart condition in 2008. >> we are joined today by her father, sister and brother. >> i propose three cheers for those left behind. >> reporter: then the moment they have been waiting for. >> hip hip. >> hooray! >> hip hip >> hooray! >> whew? >> it was unbelievable. it was indescribable. >> and the hats go into the air. helpeds of kids charge the field, hoping to get their hand on one of the 33,000 in attendance today. i'm jessica kartalija. wjz eyewitness news. >> today's graduation was the 161st at the naval academy. a 12-year-old boy caught in the crossfire loses his life. mike schuh is in the newsroom
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with more on the call for action. >> reporter: the parents of sean johnson took the boy off of life support tonight. police say sean was there tuesday night, when someone came around the corner and opened fire. city candidate carl stokes is calling for more police patrols. three other teens shot are in stable condition today. mary? >> okay, mike. thank you. police have no suspects or leads in the shooting. in the line of duty. today, maryland state police trooper first class shaft hunter was laid to rest. hunter was killed last saturday in howard county, while on patrol on i-95. services were held on the vaughn green liberty road. a short time ago, trooper hunter was buried at dulaney valley memorial gardens.
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the er -- error that left a bicyclist comatose. today, the driver responsible wraps up her traffic case. 83-year-old janet walky paid a $220 fine for driving negligent and failing to yield to a bicyclist. she hit him. his family says he is not expected to wake up. the family has filed a civil lawsuit against walky for $10 million. she is charged with killing her own child. today, prosecutors in the casey anthony murder trial presented some potentially damaging evidence. manuel gallegus reports from outside the courtroom. >> reporter: casey anthony listened as a tow truck driver describe a foul odor coming from her car. >> and are you talking about a deceased human being? >> yes, yes, ma'am. >> reporter: prosecutors claim
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that casey anthony -- caylee anthony's body was in the trunk. and some say anthony seemed just fine, even though she later told police it was during that time that her daughter disappeared. >> did she tell you her daughter had been missing? >> no, sir. >> did you she tell you her daughter be had been kidnapped. >> no. the defense claims that it was the father who covered up that her daughter drowned. he said she's been conditioned to hide ugly secrets her entire life, accusations george anthony denied in court. >> no, sir. >> reporter: anthony's former friends have all described her as a good mother. she cried as her brother's fiance talked about the amazing relationship.
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>> casey and caylee had a very -- very special bond. >> reporter: both sides are giving jurors a carefully crafted and conflicting portrait of casey anthony. in orlando, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: anthony's former boyfriend testified that casey was teary eyed. it was about a month after she was last seen. sue ann markam was found dead last october in her bethesda home. police say she died of blunt force trauma. the washington post is reporting that linderos is in mexico and that he worked as a yoga instructor. the death toll is now 126. ben tracy reports for wjz. there's growing concern for the 200 people officially missing from that tornado five days
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ago. >> i just wanted to at least hand it out, you know? >> reporter: these brothers and their 14-year-old sister are desperately trying to find this woman. deanne hayward. she's their mom. >> and she was missing? >> yeah. >> reporter: deanne went to pick up pizza for her son's party yesterday. >> we have been looking and everything. >> michelle search for her 16- year-old son lance, ended on thursday. joplin police showed up to tell her, his body had been identified. >> it's somewhat of a comfort to at loaft know he's in ray better place. and that we don't have to around woe if he's out -- wonder if he's out there needing us. >> reporter: they feel the sea has been slow to identify the dead, leaving them searching and hoping in vain. >> reporter: family members are not allowed to go into the morgue to identify bodies.
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instead, they have to submit dna and dental record matches in hope for a match. >> we have to be 100% accurate. that is where the process could take longer. >> reporter: it could take two or more weeks before some are identified. the missing persons list includes many who are already known to be dead or are alive and well. >> reporter: i just found somebody off the missing persons list. >> there is so much sadness here. but this tattered and torn landscape, there is also this. >> i was so happy to see you. >> reporter: neighbors reunited who have not lost their sense of humor. >> i think i may have some of your undies in my yard. >> oh, you keep them, honey. [ laughter ] >> some say they are noting that they are surprised at the resiliency of the people in joplin. just in time for holiday travel, gas prices take a slide at the pump. weijia jiang has a look at the
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pump watch report. >> hi, weijia. triple a mid-atlantic says more than 700,000 will hit the roads this weekend. national low, it is averaging about $3.31 a gallon. that's 8 cents higher than last week. here in maryland, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas was $3.90. today, same gallon will cost you 7 cents less at $3.83. triple a says the highest are in washington. with $3.87. and the lowest is the difference in salisbury. >> thank you, weijia. and our complete coverage of this memorial day weekend continues. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, mary. hi, everyone. well, we have plenty of activity out there. that state police funeral that kai of talking about, really affecting traffic. we have west pedonia closed between 83 and heartfield road. southbound jammed up from
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pedonia road up to the beltway. northbound shawan road to belfast, at least 15 minutes to get through. the major effect it is having is on the inner loop of the beltway, over an hour there, from 95 to dulaney valley road. another 50 minutes on the outer loop, from harford road to baltimore national pike. traffic just crawling along at 20 miles an hour. as far as accidents go, just one to tell you about at this hour. it's 70 eastbound at 29, blocking the left-hand lane. and we're looking at some congestion on northbound 95. sluggish from eastern avenue to the beltway. let's take a live look. you can see traffic almost at a stop there on the north side. there's another, 50 at 97. also very heavy in that direction. and here's still some of the remnants on the effect it's having from traffic from the funeral. that's the beltway on the 83 extension. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know have suffered a personal injury, you can visit them online at for your free
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consultation. stay with wjz for complete coverage of memorial day. for everything from first warning weather in ocean city to fun things to do, log onto still ahead at 4:00. lindsay sentenced. how and where she's serving. it is never too early to start what everybody needs to know about the dangers of the sun this warm holiday weekend. remembering an aspiring nurse who was killed by street violence in north baltimore. find out how residents are trying to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. i'm andrea fujii. that's just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. we made it to the weekend. will this summer-like weather stick around? [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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the star of "grease "and" taxi ," jeff connoway was taken off of life support this afternoon and has died. the actor who has long struggled from drug addiction, was taken off life support. he was put into a medically- induced coma and had been on a ventilator and feeding tube since that time. jeff connoway was 60 years old. house arrest, lindsay lohan, the actress is wearing an ankle monitor and must keep it on for 35 days. lohan has not yet agreed to leave her home. texting while driving. police say it took the life of an ilwill notice -- an illinois teen. the teen was rushed to the hospital where she died. texting while driving is illegal in illinois.
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you may now know, or you may not know that today is don't fry day. the epa wants to remind you how dangerous the sun can be. sandra hughes has reports on protecting you and your family this summer. >> hi. how are you? >> good. >> reporter: dr. ellen marmer knows first hand how dangerous the sun can be. >> i had my second skin cancer scare recently, which is why i have a nice scar on my face. >> you do? >> with one american dying every hour from skin cancer, dr. marmer tries to educate her patients about the danger of too much sun, overexposure to ultraviolet rays to the sun is the ultimate cause for skin cancer. >> reporter: with so many sun screens on the market, auto hard to know which is best. doctors say just keep it simple for you and your family. >> if the label says sun
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screen, sun block, uva, uvb protection, and spf30 to 50. less than 30 and over 50 are kind of useless. >> reporter: dermatologies say bargain brands work just as well as name brands. you should reapply every two hours, especially if you're swimming. and don't forget that sun screen expires. if it's been over three years or if sun screen is yellow or watery when you open the bottle, it's probably not good anymore. dr. marmer's cancer started often as something that looked like a small, hard pimple. she blames not wearing sun screen as a teenager. >> i'm happy to show my patients pie scars. >> plic -- makes a difference? >> yeah. >> she hopes her patients can learn from her mistakes. >> doctors say if you can avoid being out in the sun from 10:00 to 4:00, when it's most intense. wall street heads into -- >> the holiday weekend. on a high note, kai.
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all the markets finished in positive territory. there's the bell. [ stock bell ringing ] going into a holiday weekend today. the dow was up 39. s&p up 5. nasdaq up 14. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> google says it will fight allegations that it stole pay pal's trade secrets to develop its own digital wallet. the service, which google unveiled thursday, allows customers to use things like their credit card. the number of americans who signed contracts to buy homes fell 12% in april to the lowest point since the fall. analysts say it's yet another sign the housing market recovery is still far off. and consumers spent more in april, but much of that increase was because of higher food and energy prices. excluding food and gas, spending barely budged. and incomes were flat for the second straight month. luxury retailers appear to be recovering from the recession,
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faster than other stores. upscale department store nieman marcus said profits recently doubled. recently, tiffany and coach reported stellar profit. and fiat says it wants to buy the remaining 6% stake in chrysler. chrysler would be free of government ownership if the deal goes through. it week, they-- this week, they repaid more than a billion in government loans. that's it. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. it wasn't pennies from heaven. but it came close for drivers in smyrna beach, florida. almost 1 million dollars in rare coins and bills were strewn across the highway. this came after blowing a tire. the husband and wife rare coin dealers weren't hurt. they quickly called friends and family to help clean up their inventory. >> i took off as fast as i could. >> there's no telling what may
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possibly be here. >> the couple and their friends spent almost nine hours in the woods with medal detectors. they believe -- metal detectors am they believe they got it all. >> you know people will be out there. they'll skip the beach this memorial day weekend and go there. coming up. cockpit emergency. a woman takes over controls when her husband loses consciousness. wait until you hear what happens next. miracle baby. the incredible story of a fetus growing outside a mother's womb. it could be a stormy afternoon. will the weekend be cooler? >> wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. oh, it is a nice day out. i'm kind of sad we might get some storms. >> well, they are widely scattered, very isolated right now. we don't have any over the state. so my question to you two, since we don't have anything
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too immediately pressing. >> always quizzing us. >> what are you looking more forward to? snowballs or crab? >> tim, that's hard. i'm bigot crabs. i -- big on the crabs. i like snowballs. how about you. >> i'm looking forward to steamed crabs. mary? >> three crabs. three crabs. >> three? >> yes. >> well, go -- there you go. well, if you're going to participate with the anchor team today, that's what you'll be doing. of course, the weather will be cooperating. right now, we're in the 90- degree range across parts of the state. right now, first warning doppler radar shows that the only severe weather potential that we had was out in garrett and allegheny county. that region. was actually in allegheny county until 4:00. the strongest cell now has lifted up into pennsylvania. you can see, it's kind of losing a little bit of its punch. but this square here, this kind
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of rect rectangle. that is putting the entire wjz viewing area into the severe thunderstorm watch. the atmosphere is very warm. a lot of energy out there. the dew point is very high. a lot of moisture. so we do have the potential for a severe thunderstorm until about 8:00 tonight. we'll start to lose a lot of that energy in the area right now. 85 degrees right now. temperature at bwi thurgood marshall. dew point is in the mid-60s. temperatures up in the 80s and near 90-degree range. and you know it's starting to feel a little moist and humid. relative humidity at 53%. with a south wind at 8 miles per hour. ushering in all of that warm air. around 29.90. 69 in oakland. 79 inler -- in cumberland. we have 86 in d.c. 79 in ocean city. the shore is going to be gorgeous this weekend. around the immediate metro area. about 81 to 86 seems to be the range. 86 up in elkton.
4:27 pm
where the winds are coming to the south. 14-mile-per-hour winds from the southwest. in hagerstown. double digit winds are keeping a light breeze. and the heat index, not really too much different than the actual temperature. remember, it was 85 at bwi marshall. 87 is what it feels like on your skin. but this is a very warm weekend. atlanta is down at 81. we're actually the warmest spot now around the immediate metro area. and around the immediate mid- atlantic. with these storms rolling through here, we are still in the severe thunderstorm watch potential until 8:00 tonight. so the low pushes on through. we'll have instability enough in the area that we could even see maybe another thundershower tomorrow. but it looks like a stretch of pretty dry days. small craft advisory in effect through midnight. tonight, going down to about 66 degrees. thunderstorm potential through early evening. could be strong. but again, we don't have anything going on right now. humid, clouds. chance of a thunderstorm now. 84 degrees. just a nice start to a holiday
4:28 pm
westbound. >> i'm just so glad you're quick and easy today. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's another episode of blue bloods. eyewitness news at 11:00 follows that. and still lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. good night's sleep in healthwatch. another reason to make sure your child gets one. economic damage. why a judge is asking a judge to dismiss the claims of some fishermen. the g-8 summit is over. what was accomplished? ,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30. 85 degrees. mostly sunny. hello, everyone. and thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. denise is off today. here's what people are talking
4:32 pm
about. the international leaders of the eight richest nations wrap up their summit in france today. they made their major financial commitment to arab democracies. >> they came to the g-8 summit in france. and they got it. the world's richest companies are promising. aiming to give another $20 billion to arab countries looking to do the same. >> ensuring that that democratic transition is accomplished by economic growth. >> president obama and his international counterparts are worried. they're united in the effort to get rid of libyan leader moammar gadhafi. >> we are joined in the resolve to finish the job. >> the french military has played a leading role in the bombing campaign in libya, especially since the u.s.
4:33 pm
handed over control of the mission to nato. >> reporter: world leaders here in doeville have made big financial promises. but many are facing money problems of their own. >> protestors in paris danced the can can, saying the g-8 leaders are putting on another show full of promise. >> in dauville france, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama now heads to poland to wrap up his six-day, four-nation european tour. the 2012 presidential election may be more than a year away. but more are starting to make decisions about a run for the white house. kai is in the newsroom. >> reporter: former massachusetts governor mitt romney is expected to announce his cand candidacy.
4:34 pm
2008, he finished second. former vice presidential candidate, sarah palin is also considering a run, as is minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. she is kicking off a campaign- style bus tour in washington d.c. former house speaker newt gingrich has already announced his candidacy for president. earlier today, john edwards met with a lead figure in the criminal investigation into allegations that he used campaign funds to cover up his extra extramarital affair. investigators claimed he used hundreds of thousands of dollars of his campaign fund to keep his miss tress -- mistress in hiding. asking a judge to throw out thousands of lawsuits filed by commercial fishermen. most of those suits should be refiled through the federal
4:35 pm
court system. the judge has yet to rule. terrifying ordeal. a woman forced to pilot her husband's plane for half an hour when he passes out. ron matz reports, she had never flown a plane before. >> i think you might be experiencing hipoxia. >> reporter: that was the voice of air traffic controller charlie roarer, on may 17th, his calm not giving away the crisis he was facing. >> i'm trying to figure out what is going on. there is a female in the background. sounds like there may be a piloting issue. >> reporter: what have going on board this plane was not good. flying from california to colorado, the 70-year-old pilot had apparently been stricken by hipoxia, an altitude sickness that incapacitated him. the only other person in the small plane, his wife. >> i'm trying to get it on auto pilot. i don't know how to do this. we're going down. i don't know where.
4:36 pm
>> i didn't know. i was trying. it was terrifying. i had never been responsible in a plane before. >> reporter: hearing what was happening, a great lakes airline pilot began helping out. flying near the cirrus, talking to the woman, helping her control a plane. >> have you ever flown a plane before? ? well, i can't tell what's going on. >> reporter: as the plane veered toward the manhattan, the pilot gently guided the frightened woman. >> it's on the auto pilot now. >> we're trying. >> she told cbs 4, she was so terrified, she was preparing to deploy the plane's air frame parachute. >> i was terrified. i didn't know where we were. we were in the clouds. >> were you thinking you might crash? >> yes, i was afraid we were going to crash. >> not going to be able to land. totally incapacitated. >> reporter: but as the cirrus began descending, the 70-year- old regained consciousness and
4:37 pm
gained control and was able to land. >> they were just total professionals, and helped me so much. it was gratifying. >> reporter: the 70-year-old pilot was briefly hospitalized but is now home and doing just fine. when it comes to children, a little sleep now can mean a much healthier life down the road. mary is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: researchers say children who don't get a good night's rest are more likely to be overweight. according to researchers, young children who didn't get enough sleep had a significantly higher rifg -- risk of being overweight by age 7. scientists say the reason behind the trend is pretty simple. when people are tired, they tend to be less active and eat more. vic? >> parents like it when they sleep more, too, don't they, mary? >> yes, they do. >> it can also increase a child's chance of heart disease and diabetes. strong storms, coming toward maryland outside right now. it's warm and sunny.
4:38 pm
a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 8:00 this evening. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist bernadette woods is here now with a look at live doppler radar. bernadette? >> what we're going to do is start off in the western part of the state. there it is. here's what's going on in western parts of maryland. this is where we're seeing the strongest of the thunderstormsa the this point. and in addition to that, we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00. but down here to the south is another thing i want to draw your attention to. that's where a whole batch of showers and storms is coming from. and it will continue riding northeastward. it will continue as we head through the evening hours. of course, we'll keep you updated. there are warnings off to our north, off to our south. but for us, severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 tonight. and we will have that forecast shortly. vic? >> okay, bernadette. thank you. let's check in on the roads now, with kristy breslin. >> hi, vic.
4:39 pm
hi, everyone. your drive on the roadway, definitely not going to be an easy one. 895 to harford road. another 45 minutes on the north side outer loop from harford road all the way around to baltimore national pike. as far as the harrisburg expressway goes, still some delays due to the earlier funeral procession. northbound, at least 20 minutes there from shawan road to belfast. and southbound, slowing from timonium road to the beltway. northbound direction. slowing from eastern avenue to the beltway on that northeast corner. and several accident in the area. golden ring road at the beltway. and baltimore city, bel air road, at arizona avenue. druid hill at mecken street. south hanover at west cross. and also charles street at east austin. let's take a live look. you can still see there, very heavy on the beltway. that's at the 83 extension. and there's a look at the traffic. that's 50 at 97. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's, carpet, hardwood and laminate, too.
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you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. for more than a quarter of a century, it was a place for good food. and where friends and neighbors met in north baltimore. but changes in the shopping center led to its moving. but now, the bakery and deli has a new home. >> reporter: hamden is now-- hampden is now home. for the bakery and deli. old friends are happy to find it at 35th and chestnut. >> very nice. very, very clean, bright. and the same old crew. so it feels like home still. >> reporter: for telephone 27 year -- for 27 years, home was the roland park shopping center. owner anita ward was thrilled to be in her new location. >> i love it. i love it. here in hampden. we're at the corner of 35 and chestnut. we're about a mile and a half from the old location. so it's not far. >> reporter: baked goods
4:41 pm
galore. including bagels and cupcakes. >> auto really a good place to come and get buns and other types of baked goods which are really superior. >> reporter: the old store is here, along with other items from the original roland park location. >> here's the old menu board and the bakery case. and the apron sign on the 25th, her anniversary. >> that was a great day. so many people came in. it was really neat. >> reporter: and now, a neat and new beginning. >> i think it took a lot of nerve. but i think it's going to work out really, really well. >> it makes me feel very wanted. very issue very loved. and the response when people come in. you know, hugs and kisses. and it just makes me feel good. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> anita ward says she eventually hopes to provide outdoor seating as well. the roland park bakery and deli is open every day but sunday. and let's check in with sky eye chopper 13. we have some breaking news to tell you about.
4:42 pm
captain mike perry. mike? >> reporter: hello, vic. we're in piresville, harford county, in rock state park. right near the king and queen seat, where a water rescue is in progress. so harford county fire officials were called to the scene here just a short time ago, for a 19-year-old male who was witnessed going into the rapids area of rock state park, went underwater and then hasn't been seen since. now, supposedly, the witnesses that were with him say he's not from the area. so it's completely possible that this victim is still in the water here. fire officials are staging all along the edge of rock state park. it's a very difficult shot for us. because most of this is under the trees. but you can see the rapids area down there. and there are fire officials working and dive teams on the scene. we'll continue to stay on the scene and keep you updated as we gather information. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much, captain mike perry. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. heavy winds topple a circus
4:43 pm
tent in pennsylvania. black boxes of the air france jet that plunged into the atlantic. and it's friday. could we see some storms this evening? meteorologist bernadette woods is updating the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,, [ horns honking ]
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the final moments of a deadly air flash crash -- air france crash. >> it looked like a malfunctioning speaker caused the air france plane to crash. france's bureau of investigation and analysis says it gave false readings. the plane panel said it claimb -- clime bebbed to 49,000 feet. all 228 people on board that plane were killed. vic? >> thank you, kai. search teams recovered the plane's black box recordings. full report isn't expected
4:47 pm
until next year. peace on baltimore streets. that's what residents of waverly want everyone as they planted a garden in memory ofaf of a woman shot to death months ago. >> 19-year-old denise irvin is supposed to be a nursing student, fulfilling her dreams. instead, residents of the better waverly community are now planting a garden in her community. >> i think it would help to know that her death wasn't just another death if baltimore. >> reporter: in mid-march, tuniece was shot, along with the two young men she was with. she died. the others survived. police say she was not the intended target. >> this shooting happened near here on gorsich avenue, about a block away from the marion house. transitional housing for homeless women, which is where denise and her mom lived. >> reporter: now, neighbors are hoping this garden outside marion house will help sprout peace. >> we want her to be
4:48 pm
remembered. and we want this community to see flowers and remember her that way. because that's what she was like. >> i hope it will stop the violence. and if not the community. >> reporter: adding new life where a young life was taken. >> she would probably say, you all did all of that for me in and i would be like, yeah. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> in april, police arrested a 21-year-old man in the murder. strong winds cause a circus tent in pennsylvania to collapse, trapping dozens of people inside. witnesses say they were told to evacuate. but only approximate a third of them did. more than 10 people suffered minor cuts and bruises. another person was more seriously hurt and rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for a head injury. maybe the best of its kind. a baby delivered if phoenix, arizona, is being called a miracle. because it developed outside the uterus. sandra hughes reports for wjz. >> reporter: aslan cruz
4:49 pm
perfecto, weighed weigh weighed in. ultrasounds showed something terribly wrong. their baby was growing outside her uteryou. >> it was really scary. just because we didn't know. where the baby was. and what he was attached to and what could happen. >> reporter: specialists at banner good samaritan hospital in phoenix told the parents they should consider aborting the baby because of the risk to soto, who said they gave it ray brief thought because they have a 7-year-old at home. >> that was the only thing to make me think, should i risk my life for this life? >> reporter: she did. and at 7 months into the pregnancy, doctors prepared for a dangerous delivery. >> the room must have had something in the neighborhood of 20 or 22 people in there to deal with this because we really anticipated a long, extraordinarily complicated surgery. >> reporter: but it was a smooth delivery.
4:50 pm
asland defied the predictions. >> right now, he's breathing on has own. >> reporter: it was only after the delivery that doctors realizedded that he was inside the fallopian tubes. it is a miracle baby and mom survived. >> i'm sore. but i'm good. >> so is asland, who will hopefully go home in about a month. >> she had one orc vary and fallopian tube removed. but doctors say she can still have more children if she chooses. feels like july outside today. stick around for meteorologist bernadette woods' update the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
welcome back, everybody. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 tonight. but not much in the way of storms already. i want to show you live doppler radar. we have them out to the west. but to the south, there is a batch and it's gaining strength. and all of this is going to move northeastward. it will track over central maryland over the next couple of hours. at this point, there are no warnings. the severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 tonight.
4:54 pm
but you see all around grantsville, cumberland, flintsville. a few thunderstorms around. and they're moving in the same direction. could have a few problems yesterday. as far as rain building up leading up to flash flooding. but at this point, switch it over and show you severe thunderstorm watch in effect for all of the counties shaded in pink. so far today, this is what we have been dealing with. a lot of sunshine. and the temperatures pumping once again. winds are out of the south. humidity is up. dew points in the mid-60s. and the temperature is 85 degrees here in baltimore. 86 in d.c. a lot of 80s out there. a little cooler in the mountains if you're headed there this weekend. or a little cooler just along the water. 79 degrees in ocean city. as far as the heat index goes, and we factor in that humidity. it adds a couple of degrees. not quite as extreme as yesterday. but 87 in baltimore. and close to 90 degrees in easton. overall today, our high has been high.
4:55 pm
average is 77. we'll continue to forecast. still, this storm system that is tracking its way off to the northeast is the first thing that we're going to deal with. scattered shower and thunderstorms through the area. then this will move off to the northeast and weaken tomorrow. when that happens, we're not going to see as much in the way of showers and storms. but still the chance of showers and thunderstorms as we head through the day tomorrow. not an all-day rainout event. just be prepared that you may have a small interruption there. that continues lifting off to the northeast on sunday and gets out of here. and there is that slight chance for a pop-up thunderstorm. but most of sunday is going to be dry. and monday looks fairly dry. and hot. this even hotter air is going to return as we head into next week. so the forecast comes together like this out on the waters. south winds at 5 to 10 knots. and they will start gusting as we head through the day tomorrow. overnight tonight, we are dropping down into the 60s. it will be a muggy one. you saw the batch of storms and showers just off to the south
4:56 pm
of us. that will continue moving northward. so we'll be tracking that tonight. if any warnings come out tonight, we'll let you know. tomorrow, still a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. not an all-day rain event. and overall, looking very summer-like weekend. >> we need that. >> that's what people want. >> thanks, bernadette. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. i'm mike schuh in east baltimore. that 12-year-old who was shot in the chest on the porch, died today, and a possible mayoral candidate is criticizing the ,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a water rescue under way. we're following that live, from sky eye chopper 13. sestorms threaten the area.
4:59 pm
we're tracking them in first warning weather. four innocent victims are shot. a 12-year-old dies. i'm ralex demetrick. full honors coming for a maryland officer killed in the line of duty. >> check in for these and more on the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. we begin with breaking news. >> is a water rescue under way now in harford county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. where a young man has apparently disappeared in the rapids. let's go to captain mike perry now with an update


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